Who are we?

Grace Covenant Church Marianna, Arkansas (Coming Soon)

Rev. Varn Brown, Sr. and Prophetess Earma Brown


To serve God’s people, make disciples of Christ, and spread the Gospel unto all the world, through powerful church services, wonderful worship, passion based small groups, and many outreach and mission opportunities. Building covenant relationships, inspiring hope and faith in a relevant Christ-centered life in our day. Grace Covenant Church is committed to empower men, women and families to live victoriously in Christ through preaching, teaching, and live events.

Core Values

Grace Covenant Church values are guided by simple Christian philosophy and values:

  • We respect and embrace diversity in the Body of Christ.
  • We nurture relationships with our members and ministry partners.
  • We are ministry professionals and seek improvement and development of excellence in ministry.
  • We speak the language of servant leadership through Christ Jesus in our church.
  • We practice making disciples unto Christ


==>>To build, strengthen and support the local church.
==>>To be innovative in our web site content and use of new technologies.
==>>To build stronger relationships with our church members, other church communities and the body of Christ at large.
==>>To further promote the Christ-centered teaching ministry and training services of Varn and Earma Brown.
==>>To share, further impart and strengthen the spirit of Christ and faithfulness through servant leadership in the Body of Christ.
==>>To train and help build teams of support for God’s leaders and pastors.

We invite you to participate as the Body Of Christ. Consider joining our Ground Floor Prayer Team and receive updates on prayer requests and the needs of the church. Ask about our Church Launching Committee and/or Church Planting Team who financially support us and send volunteers.  Check back here for updates and more opportunities.

We ask for your support in one to three ways:

  1. Will you commit to pray for us and Grace Covenant Church? Join the GCC Prayer 100 Community and receive prayer requests and updates via email. prayer@gracecovenantonline.org
  2. Will you commit to financially support the GCC church? Click here to find out more about the GCC Red Envelope Campaign and to donate: http://gracecovenantonline.org/cause/church-planting/
  3. Will you commit to be on the launch team for Grace Covenant Church? To receive updates on upcoming events, participation opportunities and more. startachurch@gracecovenantonline.org

Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration of our requests. May God richly bless you and your family.